The beginning of manageable daily life

On an island off the south coast, old fishermen run a farm. When we say hello to them, they often respond. People, people, young people are the best. The creases around their eyes clearly show that these folks, to whom people were their sole power, had bartered their arduous youth for their children’s stable life. However, the people praised as the best, the young people they so desperately needed are nowhere to be found in some island village. The reality is that we still depend on manpower for a large part of our lives, but fishing villages in Korea are ranking at the top in terms of super-aging, industrial accidents, and population decline How wonderful would it be if cutting-edge technologies such as automation, sensors, remote control, and artificial intelligence, become a part of the lives of these old folks, if machines and systems could take over their hard labor and dangerous work. We would like to offer them a new daily life so that they won’t have to personally go out to the farm on a cold winter day early in the morning or on a stormy day. As a present for our fathers and mothers who have lived hard with all their heart…


A society where everyone dreams to the full

Ethiopia, referred to as ‘the tail of Africa’. It was truly a fantastic experience to meet the shining eyes of children. It is not hard to recall their bright smile even today, after ten years since our delightful encounter in Ethiopia. However thinking about them is not entirely pleasant considering the reality of today’s children who are becoming thinner due to lack of clean water and food. So many things in our lives have improved, but we can’t just watch and do nothing. That’s because our knowledge and technology can still play a role in adding abundance to humanity. We are studying ways to provide quality nutrients even in barren areas or places with poor infrastructure such as electricity, so that children do not have to worry about food but live in a society where they can dream to their heart's content. By combining advanced technology and aquaculture industry, we provide fish and seafood that have been strictly managed in sanitary facilities in a stable and reasonable manner.
Thus, we hope we can share stability abundant with food in the near future.


A habit of protecting life and environment

“The difference of 1mm makes a luxury product.” In some cases, the entire production starts from ground zero because of a 1mm difference. Recognizing the importance and value of details, our members closely communicate with one another for making even the smallest decisions. A good design is not only beautiful and convenient but also directly connected to safety. In order to identify risk factors and design a system that operates without error under various conditions, we consider and test even the smallest parts from various perspectives besides applying our wealth of experience and advanced technology. This is how we fulfill our responsibility of protecting life and the environment through technology.


A country with fresh air, clear water and beautiful four seasons

Damages from climate change such as global warming or abnormal temperatures caused by carbon dioxide emissions are no longer unfamiliar sights. Many people say that nature is borrowed from descendants. However, if environmental pollution progresses as it is now, we may not be able to see and enjoy the scenes of children playing freely in nature in the near future. For those who have a cause to protect, these environmental problems detrimental to all induce more creative solutions and dreams. Research for sustainable development using clean energy and eco-friendly system is our 'commitment and confidence' aimed at offering a better tomorrow he driving force to all of the challenges we take up comes from the heart parents wanting the best for their children.