Aquaculture in Korea

Korea is in a peninsula surrounded by the East, South and West sea, where each sea has different character. Korea has cultivated various seafoods and developed cultivation skills for long time. These days, young people do not want to come and work for fishery so that the village has aging population as well as the decreasing, it will be serious social problem. In other countries, the aquaculture is led by enterprises with adopting advanced technology, automation in large scale in order to achieve cost competitiveness finally it grows with the industrial scale-up with investment, technology development with human resources.

Smart Aquaculture Integrated Automatic Control System

Smart aquaculture Integrated Automatic Control system is a system based on ICT and engineering of ocean science, control, sensors. Particularly, machines and automation system could work instead of human under the circumstances at sea that has potential risks and it could help human improving productivity. It could provide data of environmental information, bio characterist-ics, product outcome and it could utilise systematic analysis, data process as user requested.

Aquaculture Advancement Consortium

Major companies specializing in respective fields from design to automation to energy have put together their will and force to form a consortium so as to present an integrated aquaculture solution based on their expertise. Using our technology and experience to achieve a common goal in cooperation with experts in other fields is definitely consistent with our corporate direction.