LNG engineering

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

LNG is a Liquefied Natural Gas (90% Methane). also known clean fuel which generate only CO2 after combustion.

Globally the consumption and production amount is being increased due to fuel transition from coal to gas for power plant and ships’ fuel. Shale gas led by U.S. arctic gas led by Russia, deepsea gas led by Australia and Africa and conventional gas exporters like UAE and other countries are developing and producing gas.

In order to the efficiency for transporting, methane used to be liquefied, which boiling point is -162 ℃. LNG is highly explosive so that it needs advanced technology to be handled like cryogenics, explosion, temperature/pressure control and so on.

LNG at Sea

It has shipped the gas as LNG by ships, still most of the vessels are LNG carrier as well as FLNG (LNG-FPSO), FSRU, FSU, FRV, LBV…

LNG Terminal

LNG export terminal needs to have facilities of cooling, storage, loading to ship and LNG import terminal needs to have facilities of vaporiser, storage, unloading from ship.

Engineering and Consulting

We have experienced LNGC operation, cargo handling. integrated system engineering and we provide engineering for LNG ships newbuilding. LNG fuel gas supply system.

In connection with our reliable partners. we also provide LNG import terminal engineering and consulting, ships S&P.